M. J. Barley Hopper’s Interior and Design

Working with Impact’s architects I created the entire interior and exterior for the showcase property in Centro Ybor as well as the expansion location in Brandon.  The project revolved around the fictitious M. J Barley Hopper who travelled the world in search of good beer.  The theme included elements such as the beer barrels from various brands, which were sent back from M.J.’s travels, as well as a large world map with his festival excursions mapped out.  Other elements include the ornate arches which hold the barrels and the highly custom ADA restroom signs.

The arches and barrels were some of my favorite elements.  I had to age the barrels as well as stencil graphics on them, “but not too perfectly because the have to look like they are from different places.”  The blade signs and restroom were very intricate with each letter raised.